I cannot express how fantastic it has been getting to work and train at Edinburgh Open Workshop. 
My time at EOW began as an apprentice, working there as part of  the 6-month Kickstart programme. This included direct workshop and machine training from the workshop manager, alongside completing a variety of courses that EOW has on offer. 
Within the workshop community I was also able to work with some of the resident makers on their own projects. This helped me gain some incredible insights to independent creative business.
See more about my EOW Kickstart Apprenticeship on the EOW website, here.
As a duty technician, I'm a point of contact for workshop members and residents. I also work with the workshop manager to keep the the EOW space running. You might give me a shout if you need a tool-tote, a planar machine refresher, some extraction, some first aid, or just a second set of hands. I might give you a shout if you need some PPE, or if I'm changing the dustbag.
You'll find me giving tours, setting up for classes, inducting you on laser machines, and working on MADE @ EOW commissions. 
As a Laser wiz, I've been teaching people how to use the laser machine hardware, extraction system and CAD drawing programme in half-day, one-on-one sessions.
I've also had a great time running a Creative Laser Cutting course, where we experiment with textiles, funky designs, engraves, and relief printing.
Catch me in the EOW craft room fulfilling a variety of laser commissions and groovy things.

Leith Creative Trail Map Design

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